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Zebra Print Vinyl

Animal prints are among the hottest trends for decorating today. among the most popluar is zebra print. At Expressions Vinyl we now have Zebra Print Vinyl added to our line up for all your decorating needs.

Zebra Print Vinyl Types And Colors

Of course we have traditional black and white colored zebra print vinyl since this is what colors a zebra is. However this may not always be the color you want, so we also offer this pattern of vinyl in pink and white as well as turquoise and white.

Beyond the colors we also offer zebra print vinyl in two differnet types as well. These two types are removable and permanent adhesive. Both types will work very similar to each other and will cut with the same settings on your machine. The difference is that the removable vinyl is designed for either interior decorating applications or short term outdoor application and will remove cleanly and easily. The permanent adhesive vinyl can be used anywhere with good success, but could cause damage to drywall if left applied too long.

Make Your Zebra Print Vinyl Last Longer With Vinyl Laminates

Printed vinyl is a great product because of the many versatile color and pattern. However due to the nature of how zebra print vinyl is made it has qualities that are fairly delicate in nature.

The delicacies can be overcome by the use of a vinyl laminate. Simply put this is a clear vinyl layer that goes over the top of your printed vinyl and does two major things for you.

First is UV fade protection. The ink used for printed patterned vinyl is fairly sensetive to fading. The laminate gives a layer of protection to greatly reduce the fading of the ink.

Also you get protection from abrasion. Typical adhesive vinyl is solid colr all the way through. In the case of zebra print vinyl the color is a very very thin layer printed on top of a white substrate. This makes is vulnerable to damage from scratching. The laminate layer will protect the printing from scratching.