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Vinyl For Cricut

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Their are different types of vinyl for Cricut that are used for different things. The most versatile type is what we call "Cricut Vinyl". This has a matte finish and a removable adhesive. We sell Oracal 631 that is the exact same a swhat Provo Craft Sells. And it is available in over 30 different vinyl colors.

We also have "Outdoor" vinyl for Cricut. This is very similar to the "Cricut Vinyl", but is Oracal 651 and has a gloss finish and a solvent based permanent adhesive.

We also have our "Specialty" vinyl for Cricut. These are some special colors and series that have their own uniques uses and characteristics. We have information about all the craft vinyl specs and are happy to answer questions.

Lastly we have heat transfer vinyl for Cricut. This is also sometimes reffered to as T shirt vinyl or iron on vinyl. This is used for making designs that go on fabric.

So check us out we have some o fthe best price around for vinyl that works with your Cricut machine or any other cutter.