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Tshirt Vinyl

Tshirt vinyl is just what it sounds like it is. You use it for making tshirts. This type of vinyl is made specifically to adhere to fabric and is durable enough to withstand the washer and dryer.

With a cricut or Silhouette machine and some tshirt vinyl you can make your own low cost custom tshirts.

How Tshirt Vinyl Works

Tshirt vinyl uses heat and pressure in order to make it adhere to the fabric. We carry a vinyl manufactured by Siser. This vinyl is made up of two parts, the vinyl itself and a clear material over the top. This clear material ends up working like transfer tape rather than like the backing on normal vinyl. Because of this all the cutting has to be done backwards.

With all of the cutting and weeding done you now have a clear transparency and you can see what your finished vinyl will look like.

Finally you will take this transparency and place it on your tshirt. The pros use this vinyl to make tshirts with a tool called a heat press. These are fantastic tools, but not necessary for the hobby user. Your everyday home iron will work just as well. The iron will make the heat and you make the pressure. After ironing remove the clear film and you have a custom tshirt.