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The Basics of Silhouette Vinyl

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We sell vinyl that is compatible with and specifically sized for the Silhouette machines!

Cutting vinyl on the silhouette machine is one of the hottest new trends. Vinyl is cromprised of two parts. An adhesive vinyl layer and a protective backing. Quickutz, the maker of the Silhouette, does make a vinyl for their machine. This is not the only compatible product, and is not even the best vinyl available.

The Silhouette machine is a minature version of a commercial vinyl cutter. This makes any type of sign vinyl compatible with the Silhouette machine. The Silhouette machine was designed around sign making equipment, so naturally it is well suited for making vinyl signs.

Here at Expressions Vinyl we have several different types of vinyl that we have custom sized to work with the Silhouette.

Different Types of Vinyl

First we have our regular most common vinyl. This is Oracal 631 vinyl and is the most popular choice of vinyl for home decor and other crafts. Some of the key features of this vinyl include:

  • Matte finish
  • Waterbased removable adhesive
  • Excellent cutting and weeding characterstics

Next is Outdoor Silhouette Vinyl. This is Oracal 651 vinyl. This is the best choice for longterm outdoor applications and those requiring greater durability. Key features of this vinyl are:

  • Gloss finish
  • Permanent solvent based adhesive
  • Best value for outdoor durability
  • Excellent cutting and weeding characteristics

We also have a specialty vinyl section that has some more exotic colors and special types of vinyl. It is best to refer to out vinyl specs page for info on each of these products.

Other Silhouette Vinyl Tips

A few thing to know about using Silhouette vinyl.

  • All vinyl can be used indoors or outdoors. Just choose a vinyl with a solvent based permanent adhesive for use on cars or other longer term outdoor applications.
  • You do not want to cut through everything. Just the vinyl. Your machine can be adjusted to do this.
  • Your project will be about a thousand times easier with transfer tape.
  • Don't be affraid to waste a little bit of vinyl. Most of it is not that expensive.

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