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Silhouette Machine

Are you in need of inspiration for some cool projects to complete with your new Silhouette machine? Then look no further! The Silhouette machine is an electronic cutter that allows you to cut shapes and letters out of materials such as paper, vinyl, cardstock, scrapbooking paper, stencil blanks, and fabric. These shapes can be used in any number of creative arts and crafts projects.

One great idea is to take advantage of the current trend in typographic design to create a unique and meaningful art piece for your wall. Simply take a piece of luaun or thin plywood and prime and paint it a color that matches your interior décor. You can use a glazing or distressing technique to give it a shabby chic look if you like. Then, use your Silhouette machine to cut out the letters of a favorite quote, scripture verse, or even a collection of words that are meaningful to you and your family. You can use any true type font already installed on your computer for free with the Cameo Silhouette machine. Or, you can purchase fonts very inexpensively through the Silhouette online store right in the Silhouette Studio software. Once you have cut out the letters on vinyl simply apply them to your plywood in an attractive layout. Hang on the wall and enjoy!

Want to try a glass craft? You can purchase a very inexpensive glass etching kit from any craft or hobby store. Choose an attractive and appropriately sized shape from among the thousands of choices on the Silhouette online store, or design a custom shape to match your piece of glass. You could etch on a mirror, drinking glass, vase, or any other decorative glass object. Cut your stencil with your Silhouette machine. Now at this point you have a choice. Whichever design you apply to the glass object, whether the positive or negative space, will be the one that is NOT etched into the glass, i.e. the one that remains as is. So if you want your design to appear etched, then apply the negative space to your glass object. If you want the background to appear etched then do the opposite. Once you affix your cut stencil to the glass, spread the glass etching cream from your kit on the exposed areas of glass. Wait the recommended time and then wash clean. Do follow manufacturer instructions carefully, as etching cream can be toxic if misused. When you are done, you will see a beautiful and custom design permanently etched into your piece of glass. Crafts such as these make excellent housewarming and wedding gifts.

Another popular use for Silhouette cutting machine crafting is paper crafts. The Silhouette Cameo is capable of creating very intricate and creative designs into all sizes of papers. Card makers are especially fond of using an electronic cutter to create their designs because of the range of possibilities in design and material.

Whether in typographic art, glass etching, or card making, your Silhouette machine will take you through many creative and unique crafts, and provide years of valuable function for you and your family.