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Silhouette Cutting Machine

Have you heard the buzz surrounding the new Silhouette cutting machine and wondered if it is the right electronic cutter for you? The short answer is, yes it is! The Silhouette Cameo brings a level of versatility and usefulness to the user that leaves its competitors in the dust.

If you are considering investing in an electronic cutter, you will want to make sure that your investment pays off by purchasing a machine that is versatile enough to handle as many types of projects as you need it to handle. The Silhouette cutting machine is very versatile in all aspects. It can be used to cut paper, fabric, vinyl, cardstock, vellum and other materials. What’s more, it can cut AND sketch. Much like a printer, the Silhouette transfers designs from your home computer to your chosen material. When you insert the blade it will cut those designs out of the material, and when you insert the pen it will sketch the designs instead.

Adding to the versatility of the Silhouette cutter is the Silhouette Studio software that is included with your purchase of the Silhouette Cameo. This software allows you to create custom patterns and designs and can cut or sketch any true type font that you already have installed on your computer. However, you may not want to design custom patterns for every project. If this is the case, the Silhouette online store will be invaluable when it comes to your craft projects. Unlike competitor models that come with pricey cartridges of which you must buy multiple to have any variety at all in your designs, the Silhouette digital craft cutter requires no cartridges. Instead, you buy whatever design you need from the online store for as little as $0.99 per image. After purchasing and downloading the design it is yours to keep and use as many times as you like. Besides saving you hundreds of dollars over time, the Silhouette’s cartridge-free system doesn’t result in more clutter of your craft room or workspace. Even the Silhouette cutting machine itself is smaller and lighter than competitor models. Besides being easier to fit into your craft room or workspace, a smaller, lighter machine is more portable, making it easier to travel with your electronic cutter and thus increasing its versatility.

The bottom line is that the Silhouette cutting machine is the most versatile and useful electronic cutter on the market today. Between the variety of materials with which it can be used and the huge variety of inexpensive designs available to the user, it is hard to imagine a craft or project in which a Silhouette cutting machine wouldn’t come in handy!