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Silhouette Cutter

How do I love thee, Silhouette Cutter? Let me count the ways. You may have come across one (or more) of the many odes to the Silhouette Cutter written by love struck Silhouette customers floating around the blogosphere. Well, they’re not wrong. Let’s take a look at why the Silhouette Cameo inspires so much devotion among its loyal users.

First and foremost among the reasons that users love their Silhouette machine is its extreme versatility. Let’s face it. A Silhouette digital craft cutter is not cheap—at least it costs more than most people have in pocket change. But it is an incredibly good value when you consider all that you can do with it. This versatility is the reason that folks believe the Silhouette cutter is such a good value.

The Silhouette cutter can cut through (or sketch on) an astonishing array of materials. From paper to vinyl, cardstock to fabric, vellum to scrapbooking paper, the Silhouette cutter will see you through nearly all types of projects for the home crafter. Moreover, the Silhouette does not only cut, but can sketch as well. Simply replace the blade with the included pen and your Silhouette can sketch any design that it can cut. You might think, “But my home printer can do this”. Yes, but your home printer will have a tougher time printing on the range of materials than the Silhouette can sketch on. This is only one of the useful features that have folks singing the praises of the Silhouette cutter.

The second major reason that crafters are so devoted to their Silhouettes is how affordable the technology is to use over time. Other major electronic cutters require the purchase of expensive cartridges, each of which may come with one font and only fifty shapes or so. If you subtract the shapes that you actually want to use, you may find yourself paying ten dollars or more per cut! This is way too high a cost for most crafters who need to use their cutter on a regular basis. In contrast, the Silhouette cutter hooks up to your home computer and cuts digital images from graphics files. This process is actually very easy and intuitive, even for computer novices. You can cut as many original designs as you want for free, or you can purchase shapes for pennies at the Silhouette online store. Once you purchase a design it is yours to use as many times as you want. So you can go ahead and make dozens of holiday cards and it won’t cost you any more than making one.

Between the versatility and value offered by the Silhouette digital craft cutter, it is no wonder that so many crafters swear they’ll never go back to another electronic cutter. Try it yourself and see. You’ll understand what the fuss is all about, and you just may find yourself writing a love poem to your Silhouette cutter!