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Machine Settings

Starting place for Silhouette Cameo and SD as well as all Cricut machines

Below you will find the machine settings we use on our machines here at Expressions Vinyl. These are a good place for you to start. However minor varitions in machines and batches of vinyl may cause you to need to tweak your settings a bit.

Just check the chart under your machine for the type of vinyl you are cutting then refer to the settings next to it.

**Settings may vary by machine or batch of vinyl. Speed may change depending on the intricacy of the cutting as well.**

**We have added a new Silhouette Cameo Chart. This chart is for machines that are using the latest software update, which is version 3. The settings in the chart are what has worked for us on our machines. As there are too many variables to take into account, these are just basic guidelines. Please be sure to test your cut settings before beginning on your project. Expressions Vinyl is not responsible for any damages to vinyl or machines.**

Charts are now images if you want to pin them!

Cameo Settings For Vinyl metal-list metal-list Silhouette-Cameo

Cameo Version 3 Settings For Vinyl

Vinyl Settings For Silhouette SD metal-list metal-list

Vinyl Cut Settings For Cricut metal-list