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We sell iron on vinyl sized perfectly to fit all Cricut machines as well as the Silhouette by Quickuts.

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What is Iron On Vinyl?

Iron on vinyl is pretty much just what it sounds like it is. Traditional sign making vinyl has a pressure sensitive adhesive that allows it to be applied to most any smooth surface. Iron on vinyl is applied through a heat transfer process, this makes it perfect for making apparel like t-shirts. In fact we even label it on some of our pages as t-shirt vinyl, since that is what some people refer to it as.

Iron On Vinyl Uses

Iron on vinyl is used to make graphic designs and lettering just like regular sign making vinyl. However it is specially design to be applied to fabric. These characteristics make it most commonly used for making apparel items such as t-shirts and hats. Iron on vinyl will be most durable in this application, but can really be used on just about anything that can withstand the temperature of the iron.

Sure you see items like T-shirts and hats all the time with vinyl on them. Another common place that you may see it and not even know it is on a coffee mug. Iron on vinyl is great for making personalized and special coffee mugs. You could even use it to make clothing labels inside childrens clothing.


The application, or ironing, process for this vinyl is really pretty quick and simple. The easiest way to understand the whole process is to watch our video Using Iron On T-Shirt Vinyl with a Cricut Tutorial. This shows the entire process with some tips and tricks along the way.

The basics of it are:

  • Temp settings 302 degrees (cotton blends on most irons)
  • Preheat on fabric iron the spot for a few seconds first, this removes wrinkles and moisture. No need to preheat on item like coffee mugs.
  • Iron Iron over your vinyl for 10-15 seconds with medium firm pressure. Remove the clear protective film and your done.