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Houndstooth Vinyl For Cricut And Silhouette

Just What is Houndstooth Pattern Vinyl?

When it comes to patterned vinyl the potential is there to create just about anything. But the tried and true favorites come back to the classics like houndstooth vinyl.

Houndstooth is a pattern that originated in the textile industry many, many years ago. It was original created by weaving two different color threads in a manner that produced the pattern. The houndstooth pattern may vary depending on how the weaving is done.

As far as houndstooth vinyl is concerned we use printing to produce it, do the look can vary depending on how the artwork is made.

Generally speaking the houndstooth pattern is characterized by four-pointed abstract shapes, or even broken checks. This is no exception when it comes to houndstooth vinyl.

Using Houndstooth Vinyl

Our houndstooth vinyl works much like any other vinyl we sell. It has an adhesive on one side to allow you to attach it to most any smooth surface. However this being a printed vinyl we do recommend using a laminate for most applications. The laminate is simply a clear layer for added protection of the printing.

As with any pattern, houndstooth vinyl can be utilized for both foreground and background designs, or even as a stand alone material. Just use your imagination.