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Flocked Vinyl For Cricut and Silhouette

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Flocked vinyl works pretty much just like our T-shirt vinyl but with just a few differences. The number one difference of course is that it is flocked which means it has a fuzzy velvety texture. Otherwise it still has many of the same charcteristics. It is a professional grade heat transfer film from Siser and is designed to withstand being washed and worn.

If you haven't watched our T-shirt Vinyl video tutorial we highly recommend that you do so. This will certainly help you understand heat transfer products and how to use them.

MachineSettings for Flocked Vinyl

Get all our recommended machine settings here!

These settings are recomendations to get you started, individual machines and cuttings will vary.

Heat Settings for Flocked Vinyl

  • Temp: 320 degrees (This is into the steam function, make sure your iron is dry)
  • Time: 15-20 Seconds
  • Pressure: Medium Firm
  • Peel: Cold (let it cool before removeing clear film)

These are recommendations to get you started, some trial and error will likely be necessary.

Tips and Tricks for Flocked Vinyl

  • Cut in reverse - everything will look backwards until applied
  • Preheat the garment, this removes any moistures and helps adhesion
  • Do not peel off the clear film while the vinyl is hot. This product must cool before the clear film is removed
  • Does not adhere to nylon very well

Flocked Vinyl Info

  • Maufactured by Siser
  • Commercial grade vinyl used by professionals
  • Machine Washable - wash cold, tumble dry low. Turn garment inside out