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If you have an electronic cutter such as the Silhouette Cameo, or if you are considering getting one, you may need some project inspiration. This is where the fun begins! Because the Silhouette machine is such a versatile and useful electronic cutter, there are no limits on what you can create with it.

What about a vinyl pattern or saying for your wall? Vinyl decals are uber-trendy these days, yet some of the designs seem tired and unoriginal. With a Silhouette Cameo digital craft cutter you can customize your own wall decals, ensuring that they will always seem fresh and unique. You can even change your designs as you decorate for the seasons or holidays. Your Silhouette electronic cutter will make designing and cutting vinyl designs easy enough that you’ll want to do it all year round.

How about paper crafts? Handwritten notes and letters are almost a lost art in this day and age of digital communications. Yet a handwritten thank you note or sympathy card is such a thoughtful gesture. You can use your electronic cutter to create original, handmade cards with any number of simple or intricate designs. Thanks to the Silhouette Studios software that comes with your purchase of a Silhouette Cameo electronic cutter, you can choose to design your own shapes and patterns for free, or purchase shapes and patterns for pennies from the online Silhouette store. And whether you create or purchase your designs, they are yours to use as many times as you want so you are not limited in the number of cards you can make.

One fantastic project to try with your Silhouette electronic cutter is glass etching. Glass etching is actually a very simple process that involves using stencils to block out certain portions of a design on glass. By using glass etching cream on the uncovered portions of the design you can create a wonderful frosted pattern that really enhances mirrors, drinking glasses, glass décor, and even windows. Unfortunately, the stencil patterns that come with glass etching kit are usually of very poor design quality, and nothing that you would want to put all over your home. With a Silhouette Cameo, however, you can design your own stylish stencils and really take the art of glass etching to the next level.

Even though the Silhouette Cameo is not expressly designed for use with fabric, most users have excellent results cutting many different types of fabric. You can use your cut designs to embellish pillows, clothing, quilts, curtains and blankets. Try appliqueing monograms or meaningful shapes on your kids’ bedding, or on your living room throw pillows. You just might find yourself wanting to change your pillows every season because there are so many possibilities. And like with any other craft project, you can use your electronic cutter to design your own custom patterns and shapes or you can purchase inexpensive designs from the Silhouette store. This gives you a level of variety and versatility not available from other electronic cutters.

The range of craft projects that will be opened up to you with your new Silhouette Cameo is unlimited. After playing around for just a few days you will wonder what you ever did before you had a Silhouette electronic cutter!