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Craft Cutter

Computer controlled digital devices have truly changed the face of crafting in this day and age. It is no longer just scissors and paper. The craft cutter has changed the way crafters create. Not only can you cut and sketch many intricate designs but the media you can work with in your craft cutter is amazing as well.

These precision machines will cut all kinds of media including, but not limited to, paper, fabric, and vinyl. Because of the computerized controls they can produce and reproduce perfect cuts every time. Optional accessories also allow these machines to draw, or sketch, the shape you desire as well.
There currently are two major contenders in the craft cutter arena. They are the Cricut Expression and Silhouette Cameo. All the machines basically do the same thing, but of course each has its own advantages.

First, the Cricut, is the machine that set the benchmark for the craft cutter industry. A compact personal size cutter that uses a cutting mat to hold the media and operates from trademarked artwork and fonts on changeable cartridges. The Cricut is a good machine, but certainly has its limitations.

Then came along the Silhouette Cameo; this machine has certainly set a new standard in what makes a good craft cutter. Most notably the silhouette cutter works off of the free silhouette studio software. First off this takes away the necessity to purchase costly cartridges. Any font on your computer can be used. You can also purchase image files for $.99 right from the software. Beyond that the Silhouette also has the ability to cut some medias without the use of a mat. This makes some media like vinyl able to be cut 12” wide and up to 10 feet long.

These craft cutter can be used to create a wide variety of craft projects. Many crafters use them for such projects as scrapbooking, card making, stencil cutting, vinyl sign making, and the list goes on. Even though the term “craft” is often associated with a hobbyist or amateur, there are many people who use these cutters to run their own small business.

There many opportunities to make money with one of these machines by either making handmade items to be sold on Etsy, or by doing custom work for people. One of the most popular medias that is used by small business owners is vinyl. Vinyl is very easy to work with, but many people seem to be intimidated by it. It is also almost necessary to have a craft cutter to cut vinyl making it an ideal material for business owners to market with.