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Note: We have made every effort to make these colors accurate, however, your monitor settings may change how you see these colors. To see all the colors true to life get our Color Sample Kits.

Indoor Vinyl
Orcal 631 specs

Matte Finish

Expressions Vinyl Indoor Vinyl Color Chart

Outdoor Vinyl
Oracal 651

Gloss Finish

Expressions Vinyl Outdoor Vinyl Color Chart

Specialty Vinyl

Expressions Vinyl Specialty Vinyl Color Chart

Giltter and Reflective Vinyl

Expressions Vinyl Glitter and Reflective Vinyl Color Chart

Metalized Vinyl

Expressions Vinyl Metalized Vinyl Color Chart

Patterned Vinyl

Expressions Vinyl Patterned Vinyl Color Chart

T-shirt Vinyl

Expressions Vinyl T-shirt Vinyl Color Chart

Flocked T-shirt Vinyl

Expressions Vinyl Flocked T-shirt Vinyl Color Chart

Glitter T-shirt Vinyl

Expressions Vinyl Glitter T-shirt Vinyl Color Chart